Miami Landscaping Ideas

Landscaping Projects to do While Quarantined

Keep Yourself Busy During Quarantine with These Miami Landscaping Ideas

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to spend a lot more time at home. With unexpected time on your hands, you are probably thinking this is a good time to do some work around the house or out in the yard.

As landscaping projects beckon, our team from Landscaping by Blaum wants to share some of our favorite Miami landscaping ideas

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Miami Landscaping Ideas

​The Benefits of Creating a Vertical Garden

Why Create a Vertical Garden on Your Property?

Life in Miami’s tropical climate can inspire your desire for a tropical garden on your property. However, not having enough space in your landscape can make you feel discouraged. When it comes to creative landscape design, you can incorporate plants into your outdoor space in many ways without taking up too much space. Read more “​The Benefits of Creating a Vertical Garden”

Freshen Up Your Flower Beds with These 4 Plants

Perfectly Modern

New year, new lawn! If you need any Miami landscaping ideas, we recommend sprucing up your garden with a few flowers native to Florida. Here are four flower bed additions that are perfect for modern tropical landscaping in Miami.

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