Vertical Gardens Miami

Vertical Gardens or Living Walls have the potential to increase the green space in dense cities. They transform bare architectural schemes, break the hardness of walls, refresh arid environments, and make spaces more humanized and sustainable, providing a fresher, cleaner air, well-being and joy for its users.

Vertical Gardens are vibrant and vivid works of art, painted with a rich palette of colors, layers and textures that transform throughout the seasons, attract butterflies and birds and rescue some of the biodiversity in urban centers.

Each Vertical Garden is exclusive and has a unique design for each Client, like a natural and handmade tapestry, where each species can reveal its maximum potential within a delightful, lively composition.

These living walls can be installed on basically any surface and place, indoors or outdoors, with no size limit (width or height) for the vertical garden. It can also be curved, clipped, freestanding (without supporting walls) or form a partition between two spaces, with gardens on both vertical faces.

Innovative Structure

Our living walls are composed of a very light (7 lb/sf) and thin (3” thick) structure where the plants are fastened, allowing them to grow practically without soil nor other types of organic substrate (tree fern fiber, coconut fiber…). This structure is made of recycled materials and creates a solid barrier against moisture, eliminating the need of waterproofing on the wall receiving the vertical garden.


The innovative “Verde Vertical” technology ensures the development and longevity of plants because it does not use pots, blocks or modules: the planting surface is continuous, allowing root expansion and interaction among plant species. This feature, in addition to resulting in more fluid and organic designs, significantly decreases plant replacement and vertical garden maintenance.


Our vertical gardens have automatic dripping irrigation and fertilization, controlled remotely by our company. For indoors with low natural light, the project should also include automated artificial lighting, so plants can perform photosynthesis.

Living Walls or Vertical Gardens are the most sustainable vertical garden system: it uses recycled materials of high quality, durability and resistance, and works with extremely low water consumption, which can be reused, and minimum energy.



  Increases the green area in urban centers

  Values the property, creates a statement in any space

  Quick, precise and clean installation

  Does not overload or damage the building: light and thin, contains a moisture / root barrie

  Low maintenance: automatic irrigation and fertilization, longevity of vegetation

  Living, artistic and exclusive composition for each Project

  Biological air filter: reduces pollution, temperature and noise level

  Promotes well-being and relaxation for users of the space

  Greater contact with nature and biodiversity

  High quality, functionality and durability of materials, attention in detail and finishes

  LEED Certification points

  Sustainability: composed of recycled materials, low energy and water consumption