Professional Landscaping Team

As a part of our in-depth process, our landscape designer typically surveys the area before finalizing plans. During this procedure, the specialist looks out for any obstacles that could pose a problem during the landscaping phase. This eliminates setbacks, allowing for ample time to consider and also enact alternative options. This is known as landscape architecture. Landscape architecture is defined as the design of outdoor areas to achieve environmental, social-behavioral, or aesthetic outcomes. This is achieved through systematic investigation of existing ecological as well as soil conditions.

Landscape Design & Installation

Referring to art in any form is not a universal exercitation. Many landscaping companies treat landscaping as a one size fits all commodity. At Blaum Landscaping, consider landscapes as unique outlets of self-expression. Each individual expanse of land stands on its own as a unique piece of art in addition to design.

Our designers understand how important context is. The landscape’s “context” refers to its surroundings or the finalized goal for the property. Is your backyard small, or do you live on several acres of land? Will your yard possess a specific purpose, or will it demonstrate mostly a “show” quality? Once we determine your landscape’s ideal purpose while working with you harmoniously, we can begin designing your ideal space.

During every project we complete, our team strives to balance environmental preservation with your landscape beautification. We analyze, plan, manage, preserve, and additionally rehabilitate your land. Additionally, we use this information and experience as we develop innovative ideas. Our process helps our clients to understand and visualize their property’s potential during each step of the design phase.

Blaum Landscaping’s ultimate goal is the transformation of your landscape. We want to cultivate a space into an elegant work of art. Our modern tropical design service is sure to help your landscape impress your visitors while reflecting your tastes, and your life.

Modern Tropical Design and Landscaping Made Easy

Florida’s beautiful aesthetic, as well as warm weather, attracts people from all over the world. Those fortunate enough to call the Sunshine State home possess a unique opportunity to cultivate wonderful topical living spaces. Your home’s landscaping not only increases your property value but additionally benefits your overall quality of life. You can spend your time with family and also friends at your very own tropical paradise.

Popular outdoor elements to modern tropical design include pool, kitchens, as well as fire pits and tiki torches. Florida yards can be easily landscaped into a tropical style. We like to look at our modern tropical design service as returning the space into a natural Florida state. Florida yards can be landscaped in the modern tropical design style. This method involves implementing natural palm trees or hammocks to create a retreat stylized look.

Landscaping concerns specific the Florida region of the United States include humidity, bugs, inclement weather while focusing on the aesthetics and functionality of landscaping. There are several popular themes as well as common tropes in any topical Florida landscape including:

  • Plant types to create a tropical aesthetic.
  • Incorporation of water features like waterfalls or water gardens.
  • Installation of lighting, torches, etc.
  • Remodeling existing pools and fixtures, analyzing possible improvements.
  • Determining and cultivating proper shading.
  • Choosing the proper paving aesthetic to fit in with modern tropical design stylization.

Modern Tropical Design Work with Blaum Landscaping

Once we complete your landscape design, we want to know what you think. It could be a wise idea during this phase to take advantage of some of our other incredible services like landscape maintenance and lighting. Our team makes an effort to optimize the process while providing it to our clients in as easy a way as possible. We service our clients’ landscaping throughout the South Florida area.

Despite being a natural and integral part of the Florida landscape, the modern tropical design is a highly sought after style in the South Florida area. Blaum Landscaping boasts the knowledge as well as experience to help our customers achieve the land expanse they seek. We commit to demonstrating excellence in customer service and performance to help our clients enjoy the finalized product in the form of a beautiful, luxurious modern tropical design landscape.

For more information on what we can provide your home in addition to modern tropical design, contact Blaum Landscaping today for more information. We bolster your existing landscape to create an aesthetic that is sure to impress your friends, family, and visitors!