Tropical Water Features

Water features represent one of our numerous hardscaping services at Landscaping by Steve Blaum. We specialize in providing water features to your outdoor area. A tropical water feature can transform a bland piece of land into a stunning, tropical paradise.

In the landscaping community, professionals know that running water is peaceful for many individuals. These features can add a sense of peace and tranquility to any backyard area. When you employ tropical water features, the amount of potential is endless.

With the use of water features, the possibilities are endless. Our team has years of experience in working with and installing features such as:

  • Fountains
  • Pool Decks
  • Waterfalls
  • Ponds
  • Water gardens


A swimming pool, though elegant and beautiful, is not the only type of water feature that is possible to transform your outdoor living space. Firstly, not every homeowner wields the necessary funds or the amount of room to accommodate a swimming pool.

Second, not everyone wants a swimming pool. However, a desire for tropical water features on your property may still remain. Nonetheless, the basic, innate attraction to the harmonious sound and elegance of water is wired inside many of us.

Adding a tropical water feature to your backyard produces numerous benefits. Pools offer a place for leisure and relaxation. Fountains offer soothing sounds as well as beautiful focal points.

Install a pond for a miniature ecosystem in addition to a peaceful atmosphere. We also find that the presence of water regardless of indoors or out can help lower blood pressure and stress levels.

Before you decide on a backyard water feature, it is important to consider how much money and time you want to invest. A pool is a massive commitment concerning both time and maintenance.

However, a fountain needs far less of these resources. It is vital to maintain your priorities and focus on what you want to achieve. Do you need a kid-friendly feature? Do you want to add some ambiance to a small area?

A professional landscaping architect familiar with water features will help you decide on what option is best for your needs. This individual or team of individuals will ask you questions to help you determine what features suit you best.

Start Small with Water Fountains

A backyard water fountain can suit any garden style, size, or maintenance constraints. Regardless if you consider the plentiful number of existing water found ideas, or want to cultivate your own project, there is a solution that you will appreciate.

A water fountain as a tropical water feature may boast proudly big and bold. However, a landscape architect can also customize the feature to fit into and utilize your existing space.

For a simple splash of water gardening inside of your busy and hectic life, you can install a tabletop garden or pot fountain. You can move these features from the sunshine into your dining area when you need a cost-effective focal point!

Water is the Ultimate Addition to Your Landscape

When Landscaping by Blaum designs a water feature, we do so with careful consideration while enabling your outdoor space’s transformation. The combination of water sounds, movement, and reflective qualities all represent facets your guests will surely appreciate.

Ornamental pods can provide you with a variety of fish, foliage, as well as flowers inside of your garden or other outdoor space. The additional sounds from the moving fountain water can also provide you with space for quiet relaxation.

From bubbling fountains and babbling brooks to tranquil ponds, Landscaping by Blaum can create gorgeous tropical water features on your property. The possibility of these designs is truly endless.

Our specialists know precisely how to create tropical water features that fit organically into your landscaping. Once we install a feature, it does not look manufactured. Our tropical water features wield a natural context, appearing to represent part of your landscape forever.

Landscaping by Blaum installs numerous unique as well as impressive tropical water features throughout the South Florida area. These features include:

  • Elegant, majestic fountain features
  • Waterfalls
  • Water gardens with additional colorful and aquatic plants
  • Creeks
  • Attractive drainage and natural irrigation systems

Water Feature Installation – Miami

Perfect for hot summer days, a floor fountain is a great way to cool down a living area where your family and guests frequent. Even in the colder seasons, a water feature such as an intricate patio fountain can add an air of elegance to an outdoor space. A soft flowing waterfall or pond will create a calming oasis that you will never want to leave.

If the maintenance that comes with having water features is the only thing holding you back from incorporating it into your own home or business, we can provide the solution you need! Our spectacular Customized Maintenance services make the lives of our customers that much easier.

By utilizing our maintenance services, you can rest assured that your water features will remain in top condition all year round. We provide customers with free estimate while making your landscaping customized design and tropical water features installation streamlined and easy!

Get the outdoor water features you have always wanted and click here to schedule your free estimate today. To speak to one of our landscaping professionals, give Landscaping by Steve Blaum a call at (305) 662-7045.

We want to help you design and install a water feature that is perfectly suitable for your landscape, and needs. Our focus is on our services that optimally serve the needs of our customers. When you choose Landscaping by Blaum for your tropical water features, you will receive the preeminent service you deserve.