Miami Landscaping Ideas

​The Benefits of Creating a Vertical Garden

Why Create a Vertical Garden on Your Property?

Life in Miami’s tropical climate can inspire your desire for a tropical garden on your property. However, not having enough space in your landscape can make you feel discouraged. When it comes to creative landscape design, you can incorporate plants into your outdoor space in many ways without taking up too much space.

Nonetheless, creating the perfect garden for a small space isn’t easy. Homeowners and those with green thumb aspirations consider vertical gardens as the ideal solution for their limited space. Read on to learn more from our team at Landscaping by Blaum.

Miami Landscaping Ideas – Vertical Gardens and Their Benefits

A vertical garden is an excellent way to maximize limited space. By transforming empty space in the landscape, you can convert potentially discarded and unused areas into something aesthetically pleasing and creative.

In terms of Miami landscaping ideas, vertical gardens reduce the urban heat island effect due to smog and other emissions. Cities and metropolitan areas remain significantly warmer than surrounding rural areas as a result of the equipment used in the area like cars and machinery, and also human beings emitting heat themselves.

Like any planting, creative landscape design with a vertical garden cleans the outside air of pollutants and dust while also removing harmful organic compounds and toxins like benzene and formaldehyde.

Some Miami homeowners even choose to implement vertical gardening as natural privacy and soundproofing. Natural vegetation can block higher-frequency sounds. 

Finally, installing a vertical garden promotes biodiversity by providing habitats for birds and insects. Green walls alleviate the loss of biodiversity caused by urbanization in metropolitan areas like Miami and South Florida as a whole.

What this means is that vertical gardening is an ideal solution to help sustain various plants and insects while also promoting growth for small fruits and vegetables, in addition to herbs within an urban setting. Vertical gardens also provide sustainable, locally-controlled food sources.

Green Walls Can Mean Green in Your Pocket

Miami Landscaping IdeasCreative landscape design looks great, but can also offer you something more than just an aesthetically-pleasing addition to your property. Vertical gardens, green walls, etc., provide thermal insulation to buildings. This additional benefit means less demand on power, saved cash on utility costs, and reduction of nasty polluting by-product release into the atmosphere.

The time is now to save some money and help the environment by implementing creative, beautiful Miami landscaping ideas like a vertical garden. You don’t need to feel afraid about selecting unique and colorful plants. However, take heed that they receive the right amount of water and sunlight.

Our team from Landscaping by Blaum recommends using native Floridian plants to cultivate an optimally healthy garden. It will also help to prevent drooping plants present in the vertical garden. The right plants can help you create shades for other plants beneath the highest tiers of the garden.

Choose the right plants that can tolerate the shade while still flourishing under these drooping ones. Complete this vertical garden by hanging it up on the wall with stainless-steel hardware for the ideal solution in a space constraint that offers a cool variety of benefits as well!

To learn more information on Miami landscaping ideas and our team’s creative landscaping design efforts, take a look at our blog or contact Landscaping by Blaum today!