Miami Landscaping Ideas

Landscaping Projects to do While Quarantined

Keep Yourself Busy During Quarantine with These Miami Landscaping Ideas

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to spend a lot more time at home. With unexpected time on your hands, you are probably thinking this is a good time to do some work around the house or out in the yard.

As landscaping projects beckon, our team from Landscaping by Blaum wants to share some of our favorite Miami landscaping ideas

Not only will these ideas keep you from going stir crazy, but they will freshen up your yard. Read on to learn more!

Cultivate a Focal Point

Creating a focal point in your landscape is quite simple. To do this, you must create what we call a berm”.

A berm is a gently sloping mound of earth. Not only does a berm provide an elegant focal point, but it also assists with drainage.

Many professionals specializing in landscape design in Miami rely on berms to create interesting focal points. Planting a variety of flowers on the berm is a great way to add color and texture to landscaping. 

Creating a berm brings a tiered, flowing aesthetic into your landscape. 

Flowering bushes and perennials are typically the most successful and attractive plants for berms, especially when used with mulch. Mulch not only aids in protecting against weeds, but it also offers a finishing touch to the design.

Construct Surrounds for Trees and Plantings

You can make the most of your property’s trees by installing beautiful surrounds to accent their good looks. All this takes is some sand and mulch, and potentially some light masonry work.

To build a surround, dig a circular trench around a tree or planting at the desired diameter. 

You should make a trench at about 8 inches deep and 6 inches wide.

Pour a layer of sand into the trench before stacking some bricks. For small walls, mortar isn’t a necessity. 

Finally, fill the area in with some mulch, and your surround will look great!

An additional benefit is that with this Miami landscaping idea, you won’t need to mow nearly as much!

Focus on Your Pathways

You can add some charm to your lawn and garden by creating a welcoming pathway. 

By utilizing more organic materials like stone or gravel, you can have the freedom to create a meandering path that might inspire a nature walk through your property. You will want most pathways to be about 3 feet wide. 

Accenting pathways and walks also increases a property’s overall curb appeal.

To create the most visually-pleasing path, do your best to avoid straight lines. 

When cutting a pathway through grass or sod, you’ll need to dig a little deeper to prevent grass regrowth through the path.

Information on Landscape Design in Miami from Landscaping by Blaum

There is only so much comfort television to binge-watch during your quarantine time before some restlessness starts to set it. The time is now to tackle some home projects with these Miami landscaping ideas.

Don’t worry if DIY projects aren’t your thing, with our guidance and ideas for landscape design in Miami, you can easily achieve an elegant, beautiful yard in no time.

Whenever you need additional advice or an expert to come and lend a hand, our friendly and professional team from Landscaping by Blaum can help!

Whenever you need additional advice or an expert to come and lend a hand, our friendly and professional team from Landscaping by Blaum can help! 

To learn more, contact us today for more information!