Freshen Up Your Flower Beds with These 4 Plants

Perfectly Modern

New year, new lawn! If you need any Miami landscaping ideas, we recommend sprucing up your garden with a few flowers native to Florida. Here are four flower bed additions that are perfect for modern tropical landscaping in Miami.


When it comes to landscaping design in Miami, you always have to keep the weather in mind. Choosing flowers native to Florida is a great way to make sure your garden can handle all the rain and shine. 

The powderpuff mimosa (Mimosa strigillosa) blooms with pink, spherical flowers from spring to fall, hence its unique name. Not only does this plant work as a versatile flower bed because it’s a low-growing groundcover, but it also attracts butterflies.

A powderpuff flower bed can even be used as a turf replacement, and it can be mowed if needed. Because this plant spreads quickly, our experts in landscaping design in Miami recommend keeping it hemmed in by using a barrier or trimming it regularly. The powderpuff mimosa lives for a pretty long time; however, from the late fall through the early spring, this plant does not have much cover. 

During the warmer months, these plants will be a great addition to your lawn. Just like their flowers, the powderpuff plant also has brightly-colored green leaves. Although this plant seems delicate, they are resilient without being aggressive towards other plants. Feel free to mix them with turfgrass!


This perennial shrub is known as the firebush (Hamelia patens), and it produces vibrant, red flowers from late spring until early winter. It even produces berries, which songbirds like to feed on. 

Like the powderpuff, firebush attracts butterflies, such as the gulf fritillary and the zebra longwing. Depending on where you grow this plant, it can become pretty tall. Reaching up to fifteen feet, our team of modern tropical landscaping in Miami recommends you keep track of its growth and trim it regularly if you’re looking for a short flower bed. 

The great thing about the firebush is that it’s resistant to both times of heat and times of drought. It doesn’t attract insects or diseases and can grow in a variety of soils. 

One of our Miami landscaping ideas is to mix different complementing colors in your garden, so try mixing these red flowers with orange and yellow flowers. 

A firebush flower bed will attract beautiful butterflies to your garden, like the zebra longwing.

Twin Flower

The twinflower (Dyschoriste oblongifolia) has striking lavender flowers with streaks of dark purple. This plant is low maintenance and tolerates many different conditions. 

Whether you have them in direct sunlight or in partial shade, the twinflower grows compactly and in various types of soils. This means that they’re great for small patches of land that you want to cover up. The twinflower bed grows up to one foot tall, and it’s easy to grow—perfect for home gardens.

Swamp Sunflower

The swamp sunflower (Helianthus angustifolius) is perfect for a home with soil conditions like our very own state swamp, the Florida Everglades. Blooming in the fall, this fast-growing plant is a small-scale version of your average yellow sunflower. 

They’re available at most nurseries and garden centers, and they tolerate boggy soil. However, this flower grows fastest in moist, well-drained soil and direct sunlight. It can deal with some light shade, but too much shade will stop your swamp sunflower from blooming. 

Make sure you give this plant a good amount of space, as it spreads far and wide.

The swamp sunflower is perfect for a home with soil conditions like our very own state swamp, the Florida Everglades.

For more Miami landscaping ideas and help in modern tropical landscaping in Miami, check out our blog! Make sure to contact our team for all your needs for landscaping design in Miami.