Top 5 Landscaping Tips to Increase Property Value

Landscaping to Increase Your Property Value?

Incorporating landscaping design is one of the best ways you can increase property value, but it’s not as simple as planting a few flower beds or cutting the grass every week. Here are five tips from our landscaping professionals.

The Most Important Question to Ask

Be candid for a minute and ask yourself, “Am I really going to maintain my landscape?” 

Without the proper maintenance and upkeep, your landscape will deteriorate over time, and possibly decrease the property value of your home rather than increasing it. 

Before diving into landscaping design, ask your designer or landscaper to help you develop a maintenance schedule that fits your specific landscape. This is especially important if you incorporate different plants and flower beds into your lawn or backyard. 

If you really can’t take care of your landscape regularly or don’t have the budget for landscaping professionals to do it for you, discuss this with a professional and think about any low-maintenance options available.

Don’t Bother if You Don’t Have a Plan

Another thing that can mess up the value of your property—not having a plan! 

Many homeowners tend to fall into the trap of moving too quickly with renovations and designs. Without proper planning and preparation, your landscaping will likely take longer than you expected, you’ll make one too many mistakes, and the final product will probably look a little disorganized and chaotic. 

Again, this can decrease the property value of your home, so don’t start to clear entire areas or plant trees without finalizing a plan. If you don’t know where to start, reach out to landscaping professionals and they’ll create a beautiful design that perfectly complements both your budget and your outdoor space.

Timing Matters

Along with your plan, you should lay out the timing of all your renovations and installations, making sure not to do everything at once. If you opt for landscaping design that includes a wide variety of plans, consider setting out a long-term plan that allows your plants to grow at different rates. 

While it may take years to tend to all of your plants until they are mature, it will definitely up the wow factor for buyers in the future. When your garden is noticeably taken care of, the property value of your home will surely increase.

Pay Attention to Landscaping Trends

When picking a landscaping design style, choose one that is modern, but not too out there. A timeless style will be valuable no matter when your property is sold. 

However, you should still pay attention to trends that pop up and think about ways you can incorporate modern flares to your outdoor space. 

Landscape lighting, water features, and hardscapes are examples of trends that can be timeless and increase property value. Our team at Blaum can design and install all three of these features.

What Should I Add to My Landscape?

One of the basics of landscaping is to invest 10% of your property’s value in landscaping. While the landscaping architecture you might think of is plantings and soft scaping, architecture actually includes structures like fire pits, ponds, fences, garden paths, swimming pools, and lighting. 

Consider architecture like terraces, outdoor rooms, and decks as investments that will increase your property value. Again, projects like these should come with a plan and a group of landscaping professionals who can design and build everything you need to build the outdoor space you’ve always wanted.

Our landscaping professionals at Blaum Landscaping are here to help you with everything you need to transform your home. Get in touch with us as soon as you can!