Incorporating Fire Pits Into Your Outdoor Space

The Best Type of Fire Pit

What better way to enjoy the chilly fall weather than to get cozy by a fire? Landscaping doesn’t just involve cutting the grass and maintaining your garden; it’s also about filling your outdoor space with the right accessories! Fire pits are a great way to bring life into your backyard or patio, but with so many types of fire pits, it can be hard to choose the right one for your home.

Which Fuel Should I Use?

If you’re new to fire pits, you should first become familiar with the four main types of fuel: propane, natural gas, wood-burning, and gel-fueled.

Propane fire pits are convenient, easy, and larger than life. If you’re looking for fire pits that make a statement but aren’t that big of a hassle, propane is the obvious choice. While they tend to take up a lot of space, they don’t require constant refills like wood-burning or gel-fueled fire pits. They’re usually designed with glass, rock pebbles, or even faux wood for an elegant look, so they’re a popular choice for homeowners.

However, propane fire pits require you to purchase the propane yourself, of course, as it runs out over time. Also, if you’re planning on cooking over your fire pit, it doesn’t give as great of a taste as natural wood-burning fires do. Like many propane fire pits, natural gas ones are permanent. The first spot you choose to put it in is where it has to stay, so consider that pressure before purchasing.

Also, natural gas fire pits require a natural gas line, which you will probably need to have installed in your backyard. This means your home might not even be able to fit a natural gas line, plus the installation can be quite expensive, depending on where you live. Despite this, the most notable feature of a natural gas fire pit is that they never run out of fuel.

When you think of traditional fire pits, you probably think of ones fueled by wood-burning. This classic option is the best for cooking and provides an authentic campfire experience at an inexpensive price point, but maintaining it can be rather challenging.

What makes this option attractive is how much work you’ll have to put into it, like constantly refilling wood, storing it in a dry, covered area, and having to deal with the insects that will inevitably find their way to the pit. Speaking of refills, gel-fueled fire pits fall into that category but have plenty of unique advantages. For example, if you prefer not to have smoke and its accompanying smell in your backyard, gel-fueled fire pits are perfect. This option is also mobile, so it doesn’t require a permanent location like other options. A few downsides to this fuel, though, include not giving off that much heat, and being harder to find in stores.

Fire pits are a great way to add life to your outdoor space and bring the whole family together.

Which Design Should I Choose?

Once you’ve decided on the fuel best for your backyard, you can then choose the design you want. One of the most convenient types of fire pits are portable propane ones because they offer all of the benefits of propane fuel while being able to move anywhere in your outdoor space. Other types of fire pits for propane include copper bowl fire pits and fire pit tables, which are the more luxurious options.

As for the types of fire pits for natural gas, a unique choice is a sunken design, which is built down into the ground to make the flames close. You can also choose between round, tabletop, or square fire pits for natural gas. As for wood-burning types of fire pits, designs that come with a grill gate are perfect for making food all year round. They can be portable and relatively inexpensive, just like brick or stone fire pits with wood-burning fuel.

Gel-fueled types of fire pits come in tabletop displays and are mobile as well. With this fuel, you also have the option of fire pits that have realistic-looking wooden “logs” that are filled with gel.

Before your backyard is ready to host the perfect pit, it first needs to look clean and green. Our team at Blaum Landscaping can help with anything from irrigation, to lighting, to landscaping designs, so give us a call!