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Why Investing in Landscape Design Can Increase Your Home Value

The Effects of Contemporary Landscaping Improvements on Property Value

Can landscaping a home increase property value? Absolutely! However, homeowners should take the time to make the right improvements and contemporary landscaping design additions to maximize their return on investment (ROI).

Many homeowners spend a significant amount of time and money focusing on interior home improvements to boost home value. However, the right outdoor improvements to landscaping can boost curb appeal and add significant value to a South Florida home.

Combining the right trees, plants, hardscapes, and lighting into tropical landscaping may increase property value up to 20 percent. Not only this, but buyers will often spend more for a property that already comes with good landscaping.

Most potential homebuyers are looking for well-manicured lawns that boast an intentional design. This likely means that mature plants with time to establish themselves in a landscape will also catch their eye.

Remember that a home’s first impression remains crucial when considering selling. A yard showing off contemporary landscaping represents a notable part of this initial look.

Plan Out Some Upgrades

Bushes, trees, flowers, and shrubs can all impart a strong first impression of a home. Maintenance is vital, however, when looking to utilize their properties for increased curb appeal and property value to a home, homeowners can’t forget about some hardscape upgrades.

Paved areas for walking, patios, decks, or gazebos can all add to the effect outdoor contemporary landscaping can provide potential buyers. Including new hardscaping into existing landscaping can freshen up areas that no longer look great.

For example, a property may show off nice tropical landscaping but utilize unlit dirt paths for walking around the yard. Installing pavers in these areas with landscape lighting serves as a great way to add safety and allure to a property with hardscaping upgrades.

Adding in New Greenery

Contemporary landscaping repeatedly adds value to a home. Owners can experience an immediate increase after making a change, but this value may additionally improve over time as well.

Many plants look great when initially added to a property, making their impact felt right from the start. While they look pretty when added to a yard, they can continue to provide their value year-over-year as they grow taller, fuller, more robust, and bloom. Plants can continue to branch out until they form a stately element in a homeowner’s yard.

Landscaping by Steve Blaum recommends low-water plants for owners looking to sell sooner rather than later. These additions look great while also requiring minimal maintenance and care from the seller, enabling them to take a hands-off approach while ensuring their tropical landscaping looks great!

Taking the Best Route to Add Property Value | Contemporary Landscaping | Landscaping by Steve Blaum

Homeowners considering selling their home face many choices concerning the work on their home to increase curb appeal and property value. The good news for those hoping for a quicker sale is that contemporary landscaping can be quick and easy or as intensive as they desire.

Avoiding big projects and costly upgrades in and out of the home in trade for minimal additions like flowering bushes and plants, mulch, and maintenance to a property can make a drastic difference in property value. With the right care and thought, selling a home in South Florida should be easy!

Does your yard need a little extra love in time for a sale? Working with our team from Landscaping by Steve Blaum is easy! We can turn around a job quickly, ensuring you can begin showing an elegant, impressive landscape off to potential buyers. To learn more about tropical landscaping and contemporary additions to add to your home value, reach out to Blaum Landscaping today!