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Tips to Maintain Your Water Features: Keep Them Flowing All Summer Long

The Basics of Maintaining Tropical Water Features

Incorporating a water feature into your Miami landscape design plan is a great way to create tranquility or drama in your outdoor space. However, once a pond, waterfall, or fountain installation occurs, many homeowners wonder how to maintain the features.

Basic water feature maintenance involves keeping your water clean, clear, and free of organic debris. Over time, water features can begin to leak or clog, as well as grow algae. This is why properly maintaining water features remains so important.

Our team from Blaum Landscaping wants to provide some of the important advice to help you care for your tropical water features and keep them flowing and looking great all summer long!

Keep Water Clean

No water feature looks good if the water appears dirty. Features like outdoor fountains naturally attract more dirt and debris than an indoor water feature, especially in Miami. You will need to drain and clean your water feature every few months or whenever the water begins to look grimy.

Most water fountains and other tropical water features have a drain at the bottom. You simply need to pull the plug and drain out the water. Once you drain the feature, you can scrub it with some mild soap to scrub down the feature’s interior. 

When you refill the feature, use distilled water; if possible, this easy step makes mineral buildup less likely or slower to occur. A cap of bleach or enzymatic water cleaner with tap water is another excellent way to prevent mineral buildup and algae growth.

Clean Out Your Pump

A pump serves as the heart of any water feature. This is also the mechanism that demands the most attention in tropical water feature maintenance. To keep your water feature flowing properly, you must clean the pump regularly.

To clean a water feature pump, remove it from the water and wipe it down with a clean cloth or towel. Wipe off any debris or mineral buildup from the outside before opening the cover to clean the inside. 

Removing debris from the pump and the water feature itself remains important because leaves or rocks can clog a water feature’s flow and damage it. Debris may also lead to dirty and cloudy water even after you complete the cleaning process.

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Testing your water weekly can help keep the water clean and make the cleaning process easier overall. The process of cleaning a feature is also an ideal time to look for cracks, breaks, and wear in the water feature while changing out the water and ensuring adequate water levels for proper operation.

Tropical water features, fountains, and ponds add ambiance to a backyard. Installing a water feature in your landscaping is an excellent option for many Miami homeowners, but you must commit to these maintenance tips to keep your feature running correctly.

Blaum Landscaping services help home, and business owners in South Florida keep their landscapes looking great. With our landscaping guidance, clients can incorporate hardscape features and achieve the outdoor space of their dreams. 

To learn more about tropical water features, landscaping in Miami, and how to maintain your landscaping additions, reach out to our team from Blaum Landscaping today!