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The Hottest Pool Water Feature Designs and Trends You’ll Love!

Modern Outdoor Water Features You Can Add to Your Pool Now!

Water in motion engages our senses by providing beautiful aesthetics and relaxing sounds while additionally restoring our bodies and spirits. Pool water features offer a water-on-water experience that serves as a focal point drawing us into our outdoor environment.

Just like any other element on your property, you’ll want to choose a water feature that not only complements the home and pool architectural style but also fits within your unique, individual taste.

As we dream about the perfect swimming pool to our backyard adorned with gorgeous Miami landscaping and modern outdoor water features, it can be hard to decide which features are right for you. However, despite the variety of options available today, you can construct a pool with a water feature, or add a creative and beautiful water feature to an existing pool as well.

Florida Water Feature Trends

When it comes to deciding between the many different types of water features you can install in a new or existing pool, it helps to look at the latest 2021 trends. 

Florida water features can dazzle and delight. No matter if your goal is to add some sound and movement to your pool or cultivate an unforgettable focal point, these modern outdoor water features can help you create a luxurious outdoor oasis that rivals any resort.


Water fountains are a tried-and-true classic. However, the modern water feature marketplace provides proprietors a wide range of styles from spillovers to floating types that will fit right into any pool and landscape design. Modern outdoor fountains add touches of artistry to a pool to create the perfect backyard retreat.


Many homeowners install Florida water features directly into their Miami landscape. They’ll implement waterfalls with rocks or boulders (both real and fake) as a part of a naturalistic pool design. Waterfalls remain and continue to remain one of the most popular water features paired with a swimming pool.

Deck Jets

This type of pool water feature fits right into the pool deck and shoots a narrow, arching stream of water into the pool. Some constructors will take things further by adding some landscape lighting for some fun and drama with color-changing lighting.

Deck jets offer an amazing way to integrate a Florida water feature into an existing pool deck. Constructors may install deck jets into pool decking, pool walls, and even in sidewalls of above-ground or vinyl-lined pools.

Water Wall

This modern outdoor water feature is just like it sounds. A water wall spills out from horizontal spouts placed on tiled and decorative walls on the landscape near the pool area.

Pool Water Features | Landscaping by Blaum

Adding modern outdoor water features to your swimming pool or constructing a new swimming pool with installed Florida water features can transform the look and feel of your pool area from mundane to magnificent.

It doesn’t matter if you choose a fountain, waterfall, water wall, or inconspicuous deck jets, the choice remains entirely up to your imagination. Add some fun and aesthetic wonder to your backyard landscape with water feature implementations from our team at Landscaping by Blaum.

Reach out to our customer service team today to learn more about how we can help you install the perfect water feature to fit into existing residential and commercial landscapes!