Decorations for Plants

How to Safely Decorate Your Plants for Halloween

Protecting Plants and Shrubs When Installing Halloween Decorations

Halloween is right around the corner. Although many people associate lights, decorations, and displays with Christmas, many Americans begin installing Halloween decorations as early as late summer in preparation for the fall events.

Any project that involves outdoor displays, lights, etc. will additionally involve the landscape and decorations for plants as well. 

For this reason, it is crucial to take some time to protect plantings before beginning Halloween festivities.

How to Prepare Your Lawn Help Plants Survive Halloween

Decorating your yard can be a ton of fun. However, it is also very important to consider the potential of long-term effects on your plants over the course of even a few weeks of Halloween decorations.

It is additionally important to consider the safety of the decorations that you choose. 

There is nothing wrong with getting into the Halloween spirit while still considering preparations for your greenery in the long term.

Choose Decorations for Plants Carefully

We all get excited when we find that HUGE, perfect pumpkin at the pumpkin patch. 

Unfortunately, setting heavy objects like a massive pumpkin can result in some lasting damage to grass and other small plants.

Instead, Blaum Landscaping recommends setting the giant pumpkin or other decoration on the porch, or a sidewalk near the home. 

You can also consider ditching the pumpkin or other heavy decoration altogether and consider decorating the landscape with inflatables.


Choose the Right Lighting

We commonly equate lighting with the Christmas season. Nonetheless, this doesn’t stop homeowners from adorning their homes with some atmospheric Halloween lighting. Lighting may prove a notable safety concern. 


Approximately 150 fires get started each holiday season by issues related to decorative lighting.

Ensure that you choose the right lighting that remains suitable for the task at hand. 


The lights should also reflect good condition. If you pull out a set of old lights and aren’t sure, don’t take the chance. The right set of decorative lights will help you protect your home and yard for years to come.


Install a Timer

Setting your lights on a timer provides several benefits. Firstly, it will turn off decorations automatically at a preset time of night. This enables you to alleviate worries about lights staying on all night long. This can save a substantial amount of money while also mitigating risks for fire or other problems.

Secondly, you can avoid walking across the lawn at night to turn off decorations each evening. Your neighbors might even thank you with a timely turnoff of lights, music, and other Halloween decorations for plants.

When the Season is Over… It’s Over

Some homeowners choose to clean up decorations almost immediately after the holiday season. Unfortunately, others let these decorations linger, or get so busy that they don’t have the time to take everything down.

Packing things away after Halloween reduces risks for long-term damage taking place to the landscape. In the case of lights, this can reduce fire risks as lights can get worn out in the sun, as well as during use.

Protecting Your Landscape Installing Decorations for Plants from Landscaping by Blaum

Decorations for PlantsRegardless of the season, your yard can look great all year long. 


Choosing your decorations and making preparations to protect the landscape from the holiday season can help you preserve the hard work you put into your yard. 


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