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Quarantine Gardening Gone Wrong: 3 Quick Tips to Keep in Mind

Quarantine Gardening this Spring | Tips from Landscaping by Blaum

Gardening is a long-time, proven stress reliever. In times like today’s coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, people are spending a lot of time at home and are starting to focus on gardening and creative landscape design to help them get the most out of their property.

Life often seems renewed in a garden. The pandemic and quarantine are the best possible times to work on improving life’s surroundings. Gardening may serve as a timely addition because it helps relieve stress and restore a positive mood.

Read on to learn about some of our favorite Miami landscaping ideas and tips at Landscaping by Blaum that you should keep in mind during your pandemic landscaping initiatives.

Start Small with a New Garden

If you’re new to gardening, start with an easier plant to grow and don’t get discouraged if it dies prematurely. One of the biggest mistakes that new gardeners make is getting too deep right away and getting overwhelmed.

As you start to expand the garden with new landscaping ideas on your South Florida property, select plants that grow together and cohabitate well. This will ensure that your Miami garden looks great but will flourish with plants that get along well.

An excellent idea for South Florida gardeners is relying on small plants and flowers that are less labor-intensive than managing an entire, massive garden. With a few plants in pots or containers, gardeners can experience the thrill of gardening in their own Miami home without things getting out of hand too fast in their creative landscape design.

Tend to Existing Landscaping and Garden Plants

The extra time stuck inside during quarantine is the best time to inspect your garden and houseplants for bugs. You can also take the time to ensure plant health by trimming off any dead or yellowed foliage.

As time goes on and your plants grow, you should repot the plant into a new home that is slightly bigger. You can tell that a plant needs repotting because the soil will dry out very quickly.

Prep the Garden for the Fall Season

It is never too early to start garden preparations for the following season. In Florida, we seemingly subject our gardens and plants to year-long, relentless heat. However, it gets just cold enough as spring and summer end to affect our plants and gardens in an unfortunate way.

By preparing your garden and considering your creative landscape ideas for the next season, as the temperatures turn colder and the soil gets a bit dryer, you should remain prepared and protected to ensure your landscape looks its absolute best throughout every season.

Miami Landscaping Ideas During Quarantine | Landscaping by Steve Blaum

Gardening is a rewarding activity, but nothing in your South Florida garden will come quickly. It is important to think about how good you’ll feel and how great your landscape will look when you can finally successfully grow something.

Furthermore, while stuck in the home during quarantine, you can get the whole family in on your creative landscaping ideas. Gardening and landscape is an excellent family activity to bring everyone together.

For more quarantine landscape advice and creative ideas for your South Florida property, contact our experts from Landscaping by Blaum today!