Your Yard Wants A New Look in 2020 Too! Freshen Up Your Landscape with These Tips

New Year, New Landscape

Your home wants a New Year’s makeover too. With the help of a modern landscaping designer in Coral Gables, you can freshen up your patio or backyard just in time for 2020! Here are some helpful tips.

Save Your Grass and Build a Path

If you keep walking up and down your lawn, pretty soon, you’re going to end up with dead grass and an uglier lawn. Building a path or walkway can bring your outdoor space together, whether it’s your lawn, patio, backyard, or garden. Creating an attractive walkway will connect points of interest in your landscape and have a more seamless feel. We recommend building your walkway with natural flagstone, concrete stepping stones, crushed stone, or decorative brick. To keep with the cohesive feel of your landscape, modern landscaping designers in Coral Gables recommend constructing your walkway out the same material—or a similar one—to what you have used on the exterior of your house. That way, your path won’t look out of place even if it’s built many years after your house is built. Our team at Blaum can provide professional landscaping in Coral Gables and install the perfect walkway to fit the landscape of your home.

Use Varying Plants

With Coral Gables landscaping, we also recommend sprucing things up with plants and shrubbery. Choosing a diverse range of plants that bloom at different times will give you visible, ornamental leaves all year round, rather than just in one season of the year. If you want your outdoor space to be filled with color and life to match the tropical aesthetic of South Florida, having plants and flowers is the perfect way to do it. You can also choose flowers or plants that bloom for more extended periods of time, such as the perennial Rozanne geranium, which blooms from June to October. Trees are also a monumental part of professional landscaping in Coral Gables, so we recommend getting the help of a modern landscaping designer in Coral Gables. Our team at Blaum Landscaping provides a variety of tree work services to keep our client’s land looking clean and appealing. Depending on your individual needs, we provide different services that will transform your land from a disorderly, overgrown mess into the impressive displays you see here. Our tree services can: Clear space for other trees, trim unruly trees, create uniformity in the landscape, plant new greenery, and eliminate safety hazards.

With Coral Gables landscaping, we also recommend sprucing things up with plants and shrubbery.

Let There Be Light

For Coral Gables landscaping, don’t be afraid to add light! Your outdoor space shouldn’t just be seen during the day; it deserves to be seen at night, too, so adding light fixtures to your landscape is the perfect way to do just that. If you have a walkway as well, lights are also essential for being able to walk on that path at night. Other than necessity, lights illuminate points of interest in your outdoor space that you want to highlight, and the lights don’t necessarily have to be in a straight line. We recommend trying out lights that are placed on alternate sides of a sidewalk to break up the line. By strategically installing lights at different focal points of your landscape, it will look that much better and complement your home. Again, our team of professionals or a modern landscaping designer in Coral Gables can help you decide the perfect lighting for your outdoor space.

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