Incorporating Hardscapes Into Your Landscaping Design

While landscaping is most known for its focus on gardening, plant maintenance, and water features, Miami’s landscape design is so much more. Incorporating hardscapes in your landscaping on your front lawn or in your backyard can add those little unique touches to your home you didn’t know you needed!

Miami Landscaping Ideas: Hardscapes

Unlike gardening and working with fickle plants, hardscapes are a more functional and durable way to take your landscape to the next level. Hardscaping involves building and installing structures alongside the landscape’s natural aspects to better suit any open spaces you may have. 

While you may need a wide, open space in your backyard for pets and family gatherings, having too much space can make your landscape appear unstructured and bland. 

Landscapers, such as our experts at Blaum, highly recommend this design service to compliment the land’s beauty while providing additional functionality. This might include a new walkway or even fully functional irrigation systems. Some common hardscape features include:

  • Patios (brick, concrete, tile)
  • Paver Designs (brick, concrete, tile)
  • Walkways (gravel, stone)
  • Fences (wooden, PVC, wrought iron)
  • Decks
  • Gazebos
  • Retaining Walls

Because hardscaping can be difficult, many homeowners choose to begin their projects during more favorable weather periods, such as in the spring or fall. Because South Florida doesn’t get snow, Miami’s landscape design can be a much smoother process that you can take on virtually all year round. 

Hardscaping for your home could also look like revamping the hardscapes you already have, rather than adding new ones. At Blaum Landscaping, we can help you renovate your space with updates to old, outdated hardscapes. Landscaping and services for Miami hardscapes remain popular among both residential and some commercial owners. 

No matter how large or small your property is, a landscaping service can provide benefits for everyone. Next time you’re dreaming up Miami landscaping ideas for your home, consider adding a beautiful hardscape!

Incorporating hardscapes, like wooden staircases, is a functional way to add dimension to your backyard.

Benefits of Hardscapes | Landscape Design Miami

One of the most common types of landscaping involves garden and lawn maintenance. If you have an intricate and elaborate collection of plants, you probably already know that plants can be fickle and hard to keep up with. 

With hardscapes, you’ll rarely have to worry about maintenance and upkeep. Once you install your hardscapes, there’s no mowing, watering, snipping, trimming, or pruning required. Another benefit of hardscapes is how much they can increase the property value of your home. 

Adding hardscapes creates an outdoor extension of your home, which you can count as usable square footage if you’re planning on selling your home in the future. Potential buyers will likely hold your house in higher esteem than others on the market, as many homebuyers look for an outdoor seating and entertainment area. 

In such a rainy area like Miami, hardscapes can also prove to reduce erosion if installed effectively. The materials used in hardscaping, such as concrete and stone, can be formed into barriers where erosion is likely to occur. This helps keep your land intact and reduces the negative impact of erosion over the years.

With Landscaping by Steve Blaum, we offer our customers gorgeous hardscaped designs customized specifically to our clients’ preferences as well as to the limitations of their properties.

Beautiful landscape design in Miami is what we do best. Our team is courteous, friendly, and very professional, arriving at your home with tools in hand and ready to work. Give us a call today!