Can’t Travel for the Holidays? These Three Tips Can Transform Your Backyard into a Tuscan Escape

Like many of us, this year’s unprecedented events probably put a damper on your holiday and summer vacation travels. Now that you’ve spent more time at home, you’ve likely noticed several areas in your house that you want to renovate, such as your backyard space. 

Instead of traveling outside of your backyard to Italy, why not take Italy to your backyard?! Here are some tips for Tuscan landscape design in Miami.

What’s Tuscan Landscaping?

You’ve probably seen this increasingly popular decorating style all over social media or in famous movies set in Italy. Tuscan landscaping is known to be one of the most breathtaking styles in the world, as it combines formal garden design elements with a rustic and inviting Mediterranean flair. 

These Italian gardens are different from other European gardens in that they emphasize integrating fruits and herbs, whether in pots, beds, or along stone walls. Tuscany’s warm climate yields perfect weather for growing grapes, citrus fruits, and many nuts and berries. However, you can still incorporate elements of this style into your Miami landscaping. Common design elements of Tuscan landscaping include:

  • Pergolas
  • Arbors
  • Water features, including fountains or small ponds
  • Natural color schemes, mainly earth tones
  • Designing to take advantage of natural scenic vistas

Tip 1: Spruce Up Your Garden

One of the most important parts of landscaping in Miami is, of course, the plants and greenery! Tuscan gardens and outdoor spaces are often decorated with Italian cypress trees, herb plants, lemon trees, orchard fruits, berries, nut trees, and grapes. 

This more culinary approach to landscaping and gardening may be why so many people love traveling to Italy to eat delicious food. The focus on Italian cuisine and having fresh food to pick right in your backyard is unique to Tuscan landscaping, so it’s an element to consider when trying to transform your outdoor space. 

However, you likely don’t have much space to work with for your landscape design in Miami, so work smaller plants into the areas you do have. If your yard doesn’t have room for a micro orchard, consider growing dwarf fruit trees suitable to your local climate.

Lemon trees are an iconic feature of Tuscan landscaping, so think about sprucing up your garden with a fruit tree or two!

Tip 2: Incorporate Hardscapes and Outdoor Entertainment Areas

Another common feature in Tuscan landscaping is incorporating outdoor dining and entertainment areas. In the sunny Mediterranean climate, dining outside with friends and family is a popular activity, and dining areas often have a rustic look. 

To differentiate the various spaces you want to create in your backyard, consider installing hardscapes, such as:

  • patios
  • stone steps
  • walkways
  • rustic pavers

Your guests will be able to tell what the different areas are, eliminating any confusion they may have about where to sit and hang out. Consider these decor elements:

  • Wooden table with benches or chairs
  • Earth tone colors, such as with terracotta pots
  • Vines trailing on walls or from containers

While this may seem like a fair amount of work, Tuscan landscaping is actually about simplicity, relaxation, and effortlessness, so don’t overthink it!

Tip 3: Set the Mood With Scenic Lighting

Finally, we highly recommend installing lighting to create an inviting ambiance for all of your nighttime get-togethers. Small ceiling lights and candles are great for intimate dinners outside. Our professionals at Landscaping by Steve Blaum can provide advice and installations for the light fixtures and the option to create the mood and enhance your outdoor space to complete your Tuscan landscaping ideas.

With any of your Miami landscaping ideas, Blaum can actualize them with our expertise in outdoor design while still giving you practical and functional solutions to your landscaping uncertainties. Give us a call today!