Winter Landscaping Tips for Your South Florida Yard

Let’s be honest. South Florida doesn’t get much of a winter. Year-round, we expect warmer weather than the rest of the country, and we definitely don’t expect any snow. However, South Florida does experience a couple of cold fronts during the winter months, and we often experience less rain. 

This could pose a threat to your tropical plants and backyard landscaping, so here are a few tips to keep your lawn fresh throughout the Floridian winter season.

Florida Landscaping Ideas for Wintertime

Since your tropical or Florida native plants aren’t used to colder temperatures, one night of a serious cold front in the 40s could very much damage your garden and/or landscape. 

Prune & Maintain Your Trees and Landscaping

One of our winter landscaping tips for Miami gardens is to prune and maintain your trees. 

In the colder months, homeowners often forget about their trees and allow them to do their own thing, especially if they are not providing any fruit during the wintertime. Suppose you have any kind of property in South Florida at all. In that case, you likely have at least a few trees, so it’s important to remember to care for them with proper pruning techniques, such as removing certain branches to reduce breakage and provide clearance. 

Our professional landscapers at Blaum can absolutely help you with this if you’re unsure of how to prune your trees.


Mulch Matters

Another one of our Florida landscaping ideas is to use mulch, even in the winter months. Mulch is an excellent material for moderating soil temperatures, as it keeps roots warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. 

It also helps sustain soil moisture, reducing the amount of water your trees need. Mulch is great for preventing weeds, reducing soil erosion, and improving soil quality, which maintains tree health. 

The mulch you use for landscaping, depending on what it’s made out of, will insulate the plant absorbing the sun’s radiation, using it at night to keep your plants, flowers, and trees warm. You should also continue to water your plants, trees, and shrubs since it doesn’t often rain in Florida during the winter. 

This will ensure your plants don’t dry out on those windy nights. Also, don’t be afraid to get festive this winter, as it’s a great time of year to put poinsettias outdoors to show off their vibrant, red color. 

It’s the perfect time to be festive with your Miami landscaping and put up some poinsettias!

Cover Your Plants When Temperatures Dip

If you want to protect more of your tender plants, make sure to cover them using cloth, such as old sheets or quilts, burlap, or special coverings from local nurseries that are made for plants. Always avoid using plastic—it will cause condensation to form on the leaves from cold temperatures, which results in the leaves burning in the sunlight.

Winter Landscaping in Miami | Blaum Landscaping

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