Tropical Landscaping Design Ideas for a Lush Backyard

Warmer months in South Florida call for a tropical revamp! Here are three Miami landscaping design ideas to turn your backyard into a luscious paradise.

Enjoy Some Shade With Tropical Palm Trees

What’s a tropical paradise without a few palm trees? One of the most iconic centerpieces in tropical landscapes are palm trees with slender trunks and leafy tops that sway gently. However, not all palm trees are alike, as there are thousands of different plant species. Adding palm trees to your backyard can give it an instant tropical look, but you should decide carefully which species of palm tree is best suited for the size of your yard and the climate of the Florida area you live in. 

You should also consider the tallest height your palm tree may grow to, how much shade it will give to your other plants, your yard’s soil conditions, and leaf or fruit drop. The Canary Island Date Palm, AKA the phoenix canariensis, is a statement-making palm with a diamond-patterned trunk and a voluminous crown of leaves. 

These palm trees are often used for luxury residential and commercial properties because of their beauty and height, making them very desirable. However, these palm trees grow incredibly slow, taking decades to reach 60 feet. While you likely won’t consider luxury, 60-feet tall palm trees for your backyard, the Canary Island Date Palm is a perfect example of why you should consider your palm’s height, shape, and size before purchasing. Our landscaping experts can help you decide which palm trees fit your yard best and how to maintain them for years to come.

Tall palm trees and leafy bushes can turn your backyard pool into a tropical paradise.

A Colorful Paradise With Flowering Plants

When you think about tropical places, what colors do you think of? Probably some bright pinks, breezy blues, and stunning greens. Flowering plants are a great way to spruce up your yard or front porch and make it more tropical. The lantana is a gorgeous, colorful flower native to FL, so it’s a perfect choice for your Miami backyard. 

This evergreen plant blooms continuously throughout the summer, filling your garden with shades of pink, yellow, red, lavender, and white. Lantana flowers are ideal for gardens that don’t already have a lot of color, and they thrive in full sun areas. They grow up to one foot tall and grow in South Florida primarily. Another great option to add some color is the blue daze, a flowering ground cover plant that’s ideal for Miami’s sunny climate. This plant produces delicate blue–purple flowers and blooms continuously during spring and summer. 

If you’re looking for something low-maintenance, the blue daze is easy to care for, and a regular amount of rainfall is enough to keep this drought-tolerant plant growing. However, the blue daze only reaches 6 inches in height and is best at spreading rather than growing tall. Looking for plants that are more suited for the shade? Take a look at some of the shade plants we recommend for your landscaping in Miami, FL.


Luscious Leaves Add Some Green

Leafy greens are another beautiful aspect of tropical landscapes, so adding them to your yard is sure to add some spice. The White Bird of Paradise is a rather large, leafy plant that grows in a clumping form and needs a large area to spread out and unfurl its big leaves. While the plant does blossom with bird-like flowers during the warm weather months, they won’t make as much of a statement in your yard as the foliage will. 

Similar to the leaves of a banana plant, this one is sure to amaze your guests. However, many homeowners make the mistake of not planning correctly for how much the White Bird of Paradise can grow in height and width. Make no mistake—this is a pretty big plant. Plan for at least 20 feet tall and at least 6 feet or wider.


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