Hardscape Design

Landscaping Design Tips for Your South Florida Home

Working with Hardscapes and Lighting in South Florida

Hardscaping serves as an ideal way to expand a property’s outdoor living area. For anyone unfamiliar with the term, hardscaping is essentially adding non-living materials into a landscape. Today, one of the hottest home design tips involves implementing materials like wood, stone, metal, and concrete into an otherwise green landscape.

Hardscaping features compliment trees, shrubs, and flowers that offer a property’s natural beauty. Whether a homeowner wants to commit to a large, full-scale project with significant planning and time or something more straightforward, every hardscape feature helps add beauty, style, and value to a property.

Taking hardscapes and adding lighting to the mix can introduce some dimension to tight areas. When thinking about trendy home design in 2021, lighting combined with hardscape features highlights the natural beauty of the outdoors while also helping night vision and use of the hardscape features.

Trendy Home Design 2021 | Landscape Lighting

Exploring various outdoor lighting ideas is a home design tip that can help homeowners add ambiance, increase safety, and get more use out of outdoor hardscapes.

Some homeowners elect to take things a different way from the low light patio lighting adorning numerous properties throughout South Florida and implement the element of fire into their hardscape.

For the fall season, a stylish home design tip involves installing fire bowls operated off of gas with remote control. Tiki torches can also add a festive design element while helping to keep mosquitos and other pests away.

Nevertheless, solar pathway lighting remains popular for a reason. Strategically placing pathway lighting helps to add character and an element of safety for any pathway or patio space. 

Coloring can be changed to incorporate complementary tones to pavers and concrete walkways for a cohesive design.

For a less involved alternative home design tip, homeowners may also implement string lighting as a festive addition. String lights come in a wide variety of styles that can fit seemingly any design scheme. This can help designers instill a festive atmosphere without detracting from a rich and rustic design.

The Benefits of Hardscape Design Elements

Designers may depend on hardscape features in trendy home design in 2021 for practical or aesthetic reasons. Some homeowners could choose to install a retaining wall or a natural stone wall to help hold back the earth. Although this seems utilitarian, when appropriately implemented, this represents another beautiful element in a gorgeous landscape.

Retaining walls and walkways help make the space more useable for those with uneven yards with hills or valleys. This is a very practical reason for use but adds balance and beauty to an overall landscape.

In South Florida, hardscape design elements help prevent combat the unpredictable storm patterns and erosion in the area. Retaining walls, dry creeks, and sidewalks can minimize erosion while optimizing water flow away from the landscape. These additions will help protect the landscape from storm runoff and flooding.

Trendy Home Design Tips in 2021 | Landscape Lighting and Hardscapes | Landscaping by Blaum

Landscape design experts should consider the aesthetic and function benefits when considering how to utilize hardscape designs. This can help them make the best use of hardscaping within an overall design balance.

An equally crucial component of a beautiful South Florida landscape design is illumination. Landscape lighting brightens every occasion while inviting visitors and friends onto a property safely and beautifully. 

Landscape lighting helps to enhance hardscapes, opening possibilities that bring a property to life.

Our team from Landscaping by Blaum takes an overall approach to help homeowners include hardscape features into their landscape design that best fits our client’s needs, property, and lifestyle. Reach out to us today to learn more.