Upgrade Your South Florida Landscaping Design for 2021

For many people, 2020 was a year for home renovations and landscaping refreshes. Staying inside got many people thinking about the areas they wanted to change or update in or around their home. 

With many items checked off the list, homeowners are now looking to take on more projects and setting their sights outdoors. Here are some of our expert recommendations for upgrading your Miami landscape design for 2021!

Up-Cycle That Walkway

Hardscaping involves building and installing structures to enhance the landscape’s natural aspects, such as a new walkway or even fully functional irrigation systems. 

Here in Miami, hardscapes are popular because of the time we spend outdoors enjoying the weather. In the rainy season, hardscapes are often a great way to provide long-lasting structure to your outside spaces, such as your front lawn or patio.

A well-designed hardscape could give you exactly what your yard needs when it comes to design and functionality.

Some common hardscape features include:

  • Patios (brick, concrete, tile)
  • Paver Designs (brick, concrete, tile)
  • Walkways (gravel, stone)
  • Fences (wooden, PVC, wrought iron)
  • Decks
  • Gazebos
  • Retaining Walls

Hardscaping is hard work, even under optimal climate conditions. Beginning a hardscaping project is often a challenging endeavor that requires skill and years of experience. Our professional landscapers can install functional yet beautifully designed hardscapes for your tropical space! 

Upgrade your home’s landscape with a unique walkway in your backyard or front lawn.

Real Isn’t Always Ideal

Another way to upgrade your South Florida landscape is to replace dead grass with artificial grass or fill in any gaps on your lawn where grass doesn’t grow anymore. Artificial grass stays green and clean for a long time, much longer than real grass. 

The latter is high maintenance and requires constant attention if you want it to look pristine. Not to mention, natural lawns are susceptible to diseases, like Rhizoctonia, which will require time, money, and attention from you to fight it off and maintain the health and appearance of your lawn. 

Artificial grass isn’t susceptible to diseases, which ensures your lawn will look great with minimal effort. In addition, weeds and pests won’t be an issue for you with artificial turf as it contains a weed-proof foundation and doesn’t attract pests that natural grass does. That means no more spending money on insecticides and lawnmowers!

Install a Living Wall

A popular, contemporary way to spruce up your Miami landscaping design is a living wall or a vertical garden. Unlike horizontal, traditional gardens, vertical ones are great for apartments and other small living spaces, especially if you have a balcony. 

Living walls are an excellent way to maximize limited space and have a little outdoor landscaping, even if you don’t have a lawn or a backyard. By transforming small empty spaces, you can convert potentially discarded and unused areas into something aesthetically pleasing and creative. 

Some Miami homeowners even choose a vertical garden or natural privacy and soundproofing. Natural vegetation can block higher-frequency sounds. Also, installing a vertical garden promotes biodiversity by providing habitats for birds and insects. 

Green walls alleviate the loss of biodiversity caused by urbanization in metropolitan areas like Miami and South Florida as a whole.

Make a Splash With Tropical Water Features

Lastly, tropical water features are another great way to personalize your Miami landscape design. Our team at Blaum can install custom water features to match your landscape’s environment and the home’s unique decor and design elements. 

With tropical water features, you can build a paradise right in your backyard to match South Florida’s scenery. If you don’t have space or the funds for a swimming pool, there are plenty of other water features to choose from that will fit your home and budget. 

Our team has years of experience in working with and installing features such as:

  • Fountains
  • Pool Decks
  • Waterfalls
  • Ponds
  • Water gardens

Landscape Design in Miami | Blaum Landscaping

Our landscapers create designs to complement the land’s beauty. A good design starts with the extension of your home or office’s interior space that flows to the exterior, adding living space that can be enjoyed by all while adding to the value of your property. 

That is why for over 30 years, customers have relied on Landscaping by Steve Blaum to design, install, and maintain their home or office. Give us a call to upgrade your landscape design in Miami for the new year!