Irrigation Systems in South Florida

Irrigation: Your Landscaping’s Best Friend During Miami’s Long Hot Summers

Proper Irrigation Systems for Your South Florida Landscaping Ideas

It’s hot, and your beautiful landscaping is wilting! Miami summers are unquestionably hot, and without a properly installed irrigation system, your tropical landscaping will wither away in the heat. 

For many South Florida homeowners, knowing when and how often to water their landscaping is challenging, especially during the summer. At Landscaping By Steve Blaum, we design irrigation systems in South Florida that take the guesswork out of knowing when and how much water your landscaping needs.

Benefits of Irrigation Systems in South Florida

Installing and maintaining effective irrigation systems for your landscaping is the key to maintaining a healthy lawn and lush landscaping here in Miami. 

Part of your landscaping plan should include installing a well thought out irrigation system that has many benefits that will save your landscaping and save you also time and money.  

Irrigation Systems Promote Healthy Landscaping

Different plants have different watering needs, and when you work with our professional landscaping team, we will ensure the right amount of water is provided to your plants and lawn.

Our team at Landscaping By Steve Blaum makes sure that your landscaping receives uniform water coverage based on your plants’ needs. We also maintain your irrigation system by adapting water distribution for the seasons.

During seasons in which rain is not consistent, the only source of water for your plants, grass, and flowers come from an irrigation system. 

Without an adequate amount of daily water, your greenery will begin to dry up, as well as wither.

Professionally Installed Irrigation Systems Save Money on Water Bills

By directing water to the right landscaping, we make sure your irrigation system is watering your plants, not the side of your house, patio, or driveway.

A professionally installed irrigation system also limits water runoff and is properly programmed to deliver the right amount of pressure and water at the right time of day.

If you currently have an irrigation system that is not working properly, you are allowing your money to pour down the drain—literally. 

Our professional team will also inspect and maintain your system by checking for leaks and broken heads. We will examine your current system and determine how we can improve it or replace sections that are not working properly. 

South Florida homeowners also save money with a professionally installed irrigation system because you don’t have to replace your landscaping due to too much or too little water. 

Professional Landscaping by Steve Blaum: We Make Your Landscaping Ideas Reality!

When you choose Landscaping by Steve Blaum, you can be sure that you’ll be working with some of the most dedicated landscaping design professionals in the South Florida area.

Landscaping By Steve Blaum helps Miami and South Florida homeowners design the landscaping of their dreams by determining the right planting zones and incorporating hardscapes. And we help keep that dream alive designing and installing irrigation systems into your landscaping ideas.