Tropical Water Features

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The Latest Trend in Summer Landscaping? Tropical Water Features

Water is a soothing, natural element that provides a sense of serenity and enhances the ambiance of any outdoor space. It’s no wonder that tropical water features are popular additions to many South Florida landscaping designs.

Sometimes tropical water features may take the form of a pond, water fountain, waterfall, or even a babbling brook. Regardless of the style, water features remain a popular design element for tropical outdoor living spaces and landscaping here in Miami, FL.

Let’s face it; almost any South Florida homeowner aims for some variation of the “quiet oasis” right in their backyard. For some, this might be custom hardscape or custom landscape lighting

But others seek out water features like birdbaths to draw nature into their yards or small fountains incorporated as patio water features for their homes.

No matter a homeowner’s preference, tropical water features remain the ultimate addition to achieving backyard tranquility.

Poolscape Water Features

Many tropical landscape designs are trending toward incorporating a pool as a water feature and a focal point or integral part of a cohesive landscape design. Tropical water features are often included as part of the pool or added to enhance the pool’s look. Incorporating poolscape water features makes the pool not only a great place to swim but also a classic look in Miami landscape design.

Artistic Water Features

South Florida homeowners also gravitate towards patio water features to serve as a focal point of the overall design. Adding an artistic water feature as the centerpiece in your landscape design is like adding a piece of art to your yard, especially in Miami. 

An artistic water feature acts as a statement for a property, often reflecting the personality of a homeowner and adding pizzazz landscaping.

Artistic water features vary in style, so homeowners who want to add some calming “Zen” to their outdoor space can look to water gardens, wells, and bubbling rocks.

Pondless Waterfalls

Pondless waterfalls aren’t all that different from traditional waterfall features found throughout properties in the Miami area. However, a “pondless” feature is a recirculating waterfall or stream without a pond that feeds the waterfall.

The water flow in pondless waterfalls will often disappear into a basin or a bed of gravel. While this may seem wasteful, the water strains through the receptacle and recirculates back into the water feature itself.

This type of tropical water feature remains popular primarily due to its elegant design, ranging from natural stone streams to wall fountains and standalone structures incorporating eco-friendly water circulation.

Tropical Water Feature Lighting

Adding some lights to a water feature takes an already great addition to a landscaping design and enhances the overall ambiance, and allows visitors, guests, and homeowners themselves to appreciate tropical water features at night.

Many Miami homeowners will include lighting under the water for a shining, shimmering effect for ponds and brooks. Some homeowners even incorporate LED lighting into waterfalls and other moving, outdoor water features to add ethereal qualities.

Tropical Water Features

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Tropical water features help homeowners attain the feeling of vacationing in their very own backyard. These additions to Miami landscaping represent the ultimate in backyard tranquility and can transform a seemingly typical outdoor space into a true escape from the day-to-day.

To learn more about summer landscaping trends in South Florida or for more information on tropical water features and how they can enhance your outdoor living space, reach out to our team from Landscaping by Blaum today!