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Enhance Your Outdoor Living Space With These 3 Hardscape Lighting Ideas


Gorgeous Hardscape Lighting Ideas for your South Florida Landscape

It takes a lot of work to make sure your landscaping looks like a million bucks. Your lawn might look great with beautiful edging and landscaping, watered greenery, and mowing to perfection. Wouldn’t it be so nice to enjoy the fruits of all this labor even after the sun sets with elegant hardscape lighting additions?

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Installing lighting additions onto a landscape is one of the easiest ways to showcase a home once the sun goes down. From lanterns and other illuminatory additions, the elegant design concepts that hardscapes and lighting can bring together only stand to accent the most attractive details of your home or garden while increasing safety by illuminating steps and walkways.

Need some inspiration? Here are some of our favorite hardscape lighting picks from the team at Landscaping by Steve Blaum.

Lined Pathways

Hardscape Lighting
Hardscape lighting features add some safety to your walkways with an elegant look.

You can “glam up” your journey to and from the backyard and vice versa, or increase the visibility from the sidewalk to the front door of your residence. Lining a pathway with lanterns and other lighting addition ensures “safety first”, but also creates a dreamy atmosphere while guiding friends, family, and other visitors to their destination.

Luminaries as path lighting can cultivate a similar design feel with the same functionality. The only difference you’ll see is that this hardscape lighting is not typically planted within the ground, instead sitting above it as it fashionably lines your paths.

Integrated Step Lighting

Hardscape Lighting
Keep stairs and other potential nighttime hazards illuminated with hardscape lighting features that look beautiful and fit naturally.

Similar to lined pathways, light up your way with subtle and stylish integrated step lighting. These in-stair lighting systems fit perfectly into hardscapes, often residing under the lip of each step or on the outward-facing portion of a stair. You can place singular lights to illuminate pathways in an entirely different way.


Some of the in-step lighting models are even solar powered helping you to “go green” with a tidy, attractive final product. Additionally, you can find several lighting models with motion activation for enhanced efficiency that can save you money on the power bill while also maximizing safety on the walking paths.

Light Up Planters

Hardscape Lighting

Hardscape lighting easily helps home and business owners draw the eye to the most attractive features of their landscaping. For some, it’s easy to forget the base idea when thinking about landscaping – the greenery.

With light-up planters and clever lighting placed beneath trees and other plants, this approach can play with lighting in a totally new way. These lighting additions illuminate outdoor spaces and accent beautiful trees, shrubs, and planter boxes while offering a home for these green accents as well.

Given their statute, lighted planters bathe their immediate environment in light, helping to produce an incredible glow that can appear otherworldly when creatively placing planters together.

With hardscape lighting and lighted planters, property owners have no limit to where they can install these statement pieces. Some choose to place two on either side of a front or rear door. Others may place them by the pool to produce a “jungle” style. You can also simply place them around a garden or the rest of the property as you see fit!

Celebrate Your Yard with Great-Looking Hardscape Lighting from Landscaping by Steve Blaum

At Landscaping by Steve Blaum, Steve and our team work hard to design incredible landscapes that remain worthy of their own spotlight. If you want to upgrade your exterior design, take a look at some of our projects on other properties in the South Florida community.

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