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Commonly described as intimate, intriguing, and inviting, front courtyard gardens serve as a transition from the chaos on the streets and in the world, to the serenity of your garden and home.

In areas with warm climates like California or the Southwest, a front courtyard is often used as an outdoor living space. While in the colonial architecture seen in New Orleans and other areas in the South, formal courtyard landscaping is common in entryways.

However, no matter where you live, courtyard landscaping ideas for your outdoor spaces can add to your home’s curb appeal.

Enclosing a Courtyard: 

The most important characteristic concerning courtyard landscape design is the enclosure. You can enclose a courtyard with walls, fencing, or even outdoor gardens. Depending upon the privacy level you desire, your courtyard walls could stand tall or short, solid or transparent.

Enclosing an outdoor room like a courtyard on all four sides is not required, as three-sided design ideas are sufficient. Three sides create the enclosure illusion.

To avoid a fortress-like appearance, many homeowners opt for a low stone wall or partially translucent fencing. This creates a sense of intrigue while welcoming visitors and providing the courtyard with privacy.

A roof, patio cover, and even a front door represent additional ideas the further increase in the overall sense of enclosure. However, too many additions could result in the garden space feeling small or dark.

There is an abundance of ideas for a small garden enclosure to remedy this issue. One way is cutting windows into the walls or fence. Consult a landscape designer to help determine the best way to allow optimal light into your courtyard.

While landscaping a small courtyard may seem easy, it may actually prove very difficult. Homeowners frequently find challenges limiting themselves to smaller spaces as it is very difficult to incorporate provisions like courtyard water features, garden water features, a fire pit, or other courtyard garden designs.

Courtyard Water Features: 

A front courtyard is incomplete without incorporating an above ground water feature. The sound of moving water helps mask ambient noises like traffic and neighbors while helping circulate the water. In a formal courtyard landscape design, classically styled water fountains can serve as a centerpiece. However, in an informal courtyard, a wall or disappearing urn fountain does the trick.

A water feature’s size should remain proportionate to the courtyard’s size. For example, a large tiered fountain could overpower a modest courtyard while producing too much noise for the small space.

A landscape designer or architect can help you determine the proper scale for the courtyard water feature.

Adding Furniture, Plants & Lighting: 

Your courtyard’s size determines how you apply your finishing touches on the space. A large courtyard can possibly accommodate an outdoor dining table with some chairs, and even a fire feature.

Contrarily, a small courtyard is overwhelmed by too many accessories. In this case, it is important to keep things simple. A basic bench and a few potted plants should suffice.

By adding furniture to a courtyard, you can invite guests over and sit comfortably while appreciating your beautiful landscape. Additional plants and lighting in this area ensure an elegant, natural aesthetic that you may enjoy throughout the day into the later hours.

HGTV Dream Home 2018 frequently featured furniture, plants, and lighting in a modern courtyard landscape design. By adding these facets to your courtyard, you can modernize your landscape while additionally affording optimal function.

Courtyard Garden Design Miami

Plants serve as the key to softening the inside and outside of your courtyard walls. You can plant hedges and ornamental grasses that grow along the walls.

Additionally, place container gardens in the corners. Climbing plants also look great because they grow up and over the walls.

Do you live in a climate that allows flourishing bougainvillea? The plant can add a nice pop of tropical color to your courtyard. Ferns and evergreens will also help you establish a Japanese styled vibe.

Finally, your courtyard needs lighting. First and foremost, you should properly light all pathways to provide safety. This extends to yourself, and your visitors.

Once the area is safe and secure you can add additional lighting to your garden water features. This will make your water features a nighttime focal point.

You could also add sparkling string lights or even Moroccan inspired lanterns. These lanterns further add to your courtyard’s ambiance.

Courtyard Garden Design Miami from Blaum Landscaping

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