Contemporary Tropical Landscape Design

Tropical Contemporary Landscaping Ideas for Your Yard

A Guide to Contemporary Tropical Landscape Design

Most of South Florida provides a warm climate that supports tropical landscaping. However, despite adequate humidity and plentiful rainfall, this doesn’t mean that tropical pool landscaping ideas come easy. A proper will still require some careful planning to help cultivate a personal paradise.

Many home and business owners want to design their tropical oasis to remind them of gorgeous vacation destinations. Others choose contemporary tropical landscape design for a unique atmosphere produced at home or business.

Experiencing our own personal tropical paradise each day isn’t impossible. Nevertheless, our team from Blaum Landscaping has some basics that should help readers along the way.

Designing Our Own Tropical Landscape

Go Bold

We can define a tropical garden by plants with large, vibrant leaves and bright blooms. When we think about contemporary tropical landscape design, we think about palm trees or birds of paradise as prime examples of tropical plants that thrive in a backyard oasis. These plants offer bright colors that perfectly complement minimalist designs or the most creative tropical pool landscaping ideas.

Define Outdoor Living Spaces

When putting tropical landscaping into action, designers often consider the final result as a jungle, rainforest, or other tropical areas. Nonetheless, they cannot let the wild overrun the entire yard.

The good news is that tropical pool landscaping ideas and tropical design enables designers to define the outdoor living areas. We recommend low-growth borders or ground covers that will create space between seating areas and large plants. Smaller tropical plants in containers can additionally serve as borders to entertaining areas.

Control Chaos

Wild aesthetics serve as part of creating a truly tropical vibe, but we don’t want guests to feel so far away from home that they need a machete to reach an outdoor living area. Keeping larger plants and palms close to walkways can help integrate them with hardscapes and help give patios an enclosed canopy feel.

Utilizing Water Features

The ideal backyard getaway will likely include water features as part of the contemporary tropical landscape design. A pool with a beach entrance and waterfall is an excellent option for those with the space and budget.

The more a proprietor can make a pool integrate with the natural landscape, the more success they may experience, creating a tropical vibe on the property. When a space or budget cannot allow for a pool, ponds, smaller water features, and waterfalls represent great ideas to keep with the design.

Carrying the Tropical Theme with the Décor

Tropical landscaping offers a foundation for any property paradise. However, the decorative details ultimately define the outdoor living spaces as tropical oases. 

Designers should consider the color of the cushions to the shape of the lighting along the edges of the patio to ensure each detail exudes the feel of island décor. Small details like hammocks between trees and tiki torches in a landscape lighting design can go a long way towards contemporary tropical landscape design.

Contemporary Tropical Landscaping Design | Tropical Pool Landscaping Ideas | Landscaping by Steve Blaum

With a wide variety of landscaping types available in South Florida, contemporary tropical landscaping remains one of the most popular. One of the primary reasons is the easy incorporation of existing palms and Florida plants that define what makes Florida landscaping.

Interested in finding the right landscaping ideas for a front or back yard? Landscaping by Steve Blaum provides professional tropical landscaping and design services in the South Florida community. 

We’ll offer a complete range of outdoor living solutions, including irrigation, outdoor landscape lighting, and contemporary tropical landscaping design. Contact us today to learn more.