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How to Create Spectacular Outdoor Spaces for Gatherings

Contemporary Landscaping Ideas for the Ultimate Outdoor Space

What makes the ultimate backyard space? The answer depends on how a homeowner wants to utilize this area. For many, the ultimate outdoor space is an area for relaxation, getting together with friends and family, and a space to experience a good time.

As the hot South Florida climate starts to subside into cooler, more enjoyable weather, we’re all starting to spend more time outdoors. 

No matter how a homeowner plans to utilize their outdoor area, our team from Landscaping by Steve Blaum can offer some contemporary landscaping insights that touch on the key components. Read on to learn more about some of our favorite ideas that can help build the ultimate outdoor space for gatherings.

Create a Gathering Area

The first step to creating the ultimate outdoor space is defining an area. This designated space could involve installing a deck or stone patio. However, even a patch of grass can get the job done. Some homeowners choose to create a faux divider between their gathering area and the rest of the yard through the creative use of hardscape lighting.

Hardscape Lighting Tips

Hardscape lighting not only creates an implied separation between the gathering area and the rest of the yard but additionally offers functionality benefits in helping guests experience a touch of ambiance while providing light to poorly lit areas when gatherings run into the night hours.

Homeowners should work to keep paths and gathering spaces well lit. Outdoor lighting will help patrons enjoy the ultimate backyard gathering experience even after the sun goes down. Proper lighting keeps guests safe and on the right path for larger back yards as they travel to and from the gathering area.

Additions with a Spark of Interest

Homeowners can additionally rely on contemporary landscaping to set apart a gathering area from the rest of the yard by offering guests something to gather around. Installing hardscape features like outdoor fireplaces look great, provide a conversation centerpiece, and also help to keep everyone warm on those cool fall nights.

Nonetheless, with the almost year-round heat in the South Florida area, some homeowners may choose other hardscape additions like charming outdoor tables or water features to take their outdoor gathering space to the next level.

Provide a Path

As homeowners begin to incorporate their gathering space into their property in addition to other contemporary landscaping ideas, a great way to keep the gathering area distinguished from the rest of the yard also can mean tying everything back together. 

Creating paths is a great way to accomplish this separate but integrated feat. A charming backyard path doesn’t need to break the bank and can involve using hardscape features like stone pathways to transform the landscape completely.

Taking the Indoors… Outdoors

Like any living space inside a home, homeowners can make the most of an outdoor gathering space by adding storage and other indoor comforts to an outdoor area. Storage benches are a great way to maximize space with elegant design quirks and offer guests a place to sit during events and gatherings.

The ultimate backyard area beckons friends and family to spend time together. Storage areas and other indoor comforts like games or culinary suppliers can encourage fun and conversation.

Contemporary Landscaping for the Best Outdoor Gathering Area | Blaum Landscaping

No matter if a homeowner wants to improve a small courtyard space or expansive backyard, contemporary landscaping ideas from Landscaping by Steve Blaum can add some charm and beauty to an outdoor space.

Gathering areas work great for encouraging family, friends, and other visitors to get together for camaraderie and fun. These outdoor additions can also help a homeowner improve their property’s curb appeal and, as a result, increase the property value.

To learn more about contemporary landscaping and how the Landscaping by Steve Blaum team can help improve your property by installing the ultimate outdoor gathering space, reach out to our team today!