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Best Native Miami Butterfly Plants to Add to Your Landscaping Project

Creating a Native Butterfly Garden With Native Plants

When most people think about creating a butterfly garden, their goal is to invite nature around their homes. However, their problem is they aren’t sure where to start with their Miami landscaping ideas.

The thought of researching what plants to use in their landscape can be overwhelming for homeowners, and it can take away from the dream of a peaceful, Miami-garden retreat.

The good news is that South Florida and Miami’s subtropical planting zones are ideal for butterfly-attracting plants to thrive. Also, creating a butterfly garden is a beautiful way to add native plants to your Miami landscaping project.

Whether you want a free-flowing garden throughout your yard or just a few native butterfly plants tucked into your landscape design, Landscaping by Steve Blaum has native plant suggestions and landscaping ideas to help you!

Benefits of Adding Native Miami Butterfly Plants to Your Landscaping

Incorporating plants native to the South Florida area is a common landscaping request from many of our clients here in Miami.

One benefit is landscaping with native plants re-establishes an original environment for wildlife.

For example, native Miami butterfly plants provide butterflies with nectar and foliage caterpillars, and butterflies need throughout their lifecycle.

There are many options available for our clients who want to use native plants to attract butterflies.

Landscaping Ideas: Five Native Butterfly Plants to Add to Your Miami Landscaping

  1. Florida Firebush: Florida Firebush is one of the most popular butterfly plant choices to incorporate into your landscaping. Florida Firebush is a vibrant native shrub that provides a burst of color and butterfly activity year-round.
  2. Blue Porterweed: Blue Porterweed is a butterfly plant best used as a low-ground cover. It thrives in sunny, dry locations. Its dark blue flowers attract butterflies and hummingbirds.
  3. Butterfly Milkweed: Monarch butterflies love Milkweed! Milkweed prefers well-drained, sandy soil, and does well in flower beds. Milkweed produces orange-tones blooms that add beautiful pops of color to your landscaping. 

The milkweed plant also adapts well to containers, so incorporating large pots of Milkweed around your home is also a great way to attract butterflies. We recommend placing containers of butterfly plants close to your windows so that you can enjoy your butterflies from inside your home as well!

  1. Butterfly Sage: Butterflies are attracted to the small, white flowers on Butterfly sage. The plant forms a rounded shrub and looks best when grouped together and planted in full sun. Be sure to give this plant plenty of room to grow.
  2. Wild Tamarind: If you are looking for a fast-growing native tree that attracts butterflies and hummingbirds, Wild Tamarind might be the tree for you! It’s known for its light, airy look and blooms that look like powder-puffs.

Landscaping by Steve Blaum: Professional Landscaping in the Miami Area 

Butterfly gardens are a wonderful way to create a lively outdoor environment for your family and friends to enjoy.

If you want to create a butterfly garden and don’t have the time or know where to start, contact our team at Landscaping By Steve Blaum

We are ready to help you with your Miami landscaping ideas!