Top Architect and Landscape Designer: Meet Steve Blaum

Best Miami Landscape Architect

Miami Landscape Architect

Best Miami Landscape Architect

After 30+ years in the business, helping customers with high-quality landscaping services, Steve Blaum still doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty. As the Best Miami Landscape Architect and Miami-native, Steve started his landscaping business in his own backyard at age 12.

What started off as mowing neighborhood lawns grew into a demand that forced him to subcontract workers by the time he was in high school. Steve Blaum then attended LSU where he finished his degree in Landscape Architecture and Horticulture. His degree and practical know-how of working in the field is what distinguishes him from among the rest. His landscape designs and installations are not only beautiful…but last!

Now, Steve’s company Landscaping by Steve Blaum provides a wide range of services. These provisions make it preeminently easy for customers to obtain everything they need to accomplish all in one place.

Steve feels that landscaping is an art form, and only individuals who possess the necessary knowledge in the field can master it. Regardless if your lawn is a small residential property, or even a large commercial landscape, Landscaping by Blaum commits to getting the job done right, each and every time.

As a master of landscape design, Steve understands the importance of cultivating a flowing, aesthetically-pleasing design.

We handle every project’s outdoor design with the utmost professionalism. For beautiful Landscape Design Miami contact us today by calling 305-662-7045.